Gillice plumbing scams

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gillece plumbing is a total scam-tried to charge me $5,000 for and inside gas line- I got 2 other estimates-found a good plumber to do it for $540.00 I have heard bad reviews about them before-but I thought I would give it a try sine I needed it done right away. Shame on gillece for screwing the public.The service told me I was totally wrong and would never get anyone to do the work,Also tried to get me to do ohter jobs I didnt ask for. I dont know how they stay in business.


Clairton, Pennsylvania 0 comments

this is how gillice works.

check out this article on gillice. how they redirect traffice on the web back to there site. interesting if they do this just think what they will do to you when you give them a call. they are in a class with roto rooter.

anything to get more money. it is a shame there are people like this that take advantage. this is how he gets his fleets of trucks and so many commercials on the tv to lure more customers. you judge

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